About Me

  • I'm Jasmine C. Garner. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN to a large family. Including me, there are seven of us and I am 3rd oldest. 😅😅😅

  • When I was 18, I moved to San Diego and got married to my boyfriend (now divorced unfortunately) Here is where I knew I would be an Entrepreneur. I was immediately self-employed because, well, it was hard to find a job lol. I started my own Home-Based Business in the Health and Wellness Industry.

  • I had the awesome privilege of meeting and learning from TOP Entrepreneurs and Leaders like Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Greg S. Reid, and many more I don't have room to name, so I'll name them anyway: Darren Hardy, Eric Thomas, Jeffrey Combs, I think that's it or all I can remember 😄

I had no idea what I wanted to do in this life, but God, in the midst of one of my most painful seasons, gave me a purpose. In fact, I changed my profession at least 10 times before I knew what to do. 

  • After my ex left the Armed Forces, we ended up in Nashville where I am currently. I literally went there with no plans on what I was going to do. Then the Lord led me to pursuing modeling and acting again in 2015, an industry I pursued as a pre-teen but could never finish or officially start. But I started, God paid for it, and I graduated with plenty of opportunities. 😲


Donna Groff Agency - Memphis

180Talent - Nashville

Tribe Talent Management - Nashville

  • I also have a Holistic Life Coaching certificate from an ICF-Approved School in Nashville, TN. My focus is to help others with their Purpose and Creativity. (Might I add, that is my previous name 😖 I need to see about getting that changed)

  • While pursuing my career the Lord spoke a ministry to me called The Modest Movement, a ministry that encourages women to focus more on inner beauty and not outer appearance. 

  • And to top it off, my creative juice started to flow, along with my passion for people and their purpose, I started a Magazine called Entertaining God to encourage talented people to be a Light to the world through their God-given gifts. 

You can view more about my professional life on my LinkedIn profile!