Platinum Filmz | Separate Paths | 2021

Lead Actress

Supporting Actress

Platinum Filmz | My Name Is Mercy | 2020​

About Me

My name is Jasmine C. Garner and I'm from Memphis, TN. I come from a very large family, there is no city I can visit where I do not have relatives. I also have seven siblings with nieces and nephews. I moved around the country a little bit, San Diego for two years right out of high school and then Nashville for five years where I built most of my porfolio. My current location is Houston, Texas.


I've been in the industry since 2015. I currently operate a digital marketing business, an online ministry, and I'm acting in independent film. My desire is to point my career towards the print and commercial modeling sector. 

Location: Houston, TX.

Special Skills

Hispanic and British Accent

Digital Marketing

Hip-Hop Dancing

Swimming, Fitness

Supporting Actress

Womack Film Works | The Suicide of Lillian Sellers | 2019

Supporting Actress

Christiano Brothers | The Perfect Race | 2019

Supporting Actress

Brandon Lenoir | Poppyseed | 2018

Supporting Actress

Lifeway Christian Resources Short Film | 2018

Training & Workshops

Donna Groff Agency | Runway, Acting, Auditions

Acts of Joy Ministry  | Audio, Staging

Nashville Improv & Comedy | Improv, Sketch

Camilla Terrell | Runway

Lopez Photography | Print Posing Techniques

Supporting Actress

Sharon Wilharm | Summer of 67 | 2017

Print & Commercial

Supporting Actress

Miranda B. Productions | 20-Something Series | 2018

Honda Motor | Tailgate Ad | 2020​

Coleman | Camping Ad | 2020​

Runway & Fashion

Rogue Fashion Show 2019​

Goodwill Vintage Fashion Show 2018

Noteably Nashville 2018

A Touch of Paris Fashion Show 2017

The Pink Bride 2017